Loser’s Town


Losers cover UK


Playing by the rules can be murder…

When troubled L.A. detective David Spandau is hired to protect Hollywood superstar Bobby Dye, he isn’t interested. Bobby is one of the most idolized men on the planet, and stalkers are commonplace. Even death threats – like the ones Bobby’s been getting – are par for the course.

But peering a little more closely into Bobby’s life, Spandau soon finds himself caught in the dark, seedy underworld that lurks beneath Hollywood’s plastic facade. In a city obsessed by image, no one is who or what they seem – not even Bobby.

And when dead girls and dead ends start to spell danger for those close to him, Spandau learns quickly that in a loser’s town, the only winners are the ones who survive…

(Cover photo and copy courtesy Simon & Schuster UK)